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OK, so you’re thinking you need ‘TV over the internet’ by choosing an IPTV provider– perhaps you’ve lost your satellite or cable TV services, or perhaps you’re less impressed with the quality and choice you have been getting. It could be, like many, you’re simply sick and tired of paying crazy-high prices for TV, and feeling now you’re not getting value for money…

…you pay out your hard-earned money thinking (or more hoping) you’ve made a good decision with your IP TV provider, and very quickly the issues start…

TV picture freezes!

Programme loops/ repeats.

Channel keeps buffering (with that annoying spinning wheel in the middle of your TV screen)

Sound and picture go out-of-sync.

Worst case scenario — middle of your favourite TV programme or Live Sports event and the connection goes completely!

…all the family are yelling at you, and you’re thinking “this is NOT what I thought I was paying for!”.

So what’s the solution? …TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!

The best way to judge your IP TV provider is simple… see for yourself with an IPTV Free Trial. If, what the IP TV provider says you’re getting is true, then they should have no problem letting you ‘try before you buy’.

We give you a FULL 48H FREE TRIAL that includes ALL our channels, so you can see the quality across all our services.

Tel: +212 (0) 665 690999

Email: happiiptv@gmail.com

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